December 07, 2023

Accelerating Innovation through Academic Collaboration

Goodier prides itself on being an innovative organization — the kind of place where people can participate in problem-solving and where creativity is part of the culture. We believe innovation is a learning process, the product of which is new and applied knowledge. We recognize that the capacity to innovate is a key source of competitive advantage but that the management of innovation is risky, which is why it is often accidental rather than intentional in companies.

In pursuit of an intentional and robust innovation pipeline, Goodier operates a Global Scouting Network that farsightedly engages not only with ingredient suppliers but also groups such as the National Health Institute, longevity institutes, leading research universities, university incubators, technology companies, and venture firms worldwide.

Today, we want to focus on the importance of collaborating with University Incubators who sit at the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the past two decades, universities have been urged to become more accountable to the wider public and to contribute directly to local, regional, and national economic development by commercializing their research outcomes. Goodier is committed to promotion, management, and strengthening cooperation between universities and businesses. Today, Goodier collaborates with more than 20 university incubators across the U.S., including the University of Colorado Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, the University of Notre Dame Idea Center, Boise State Venture College Incubator, and Yale University Yale Ventures Office.

Exosomes are an excellent example of the innovation benefits gained through university research partnerships. Analysts suggest the global exosome-research market will grow to $660+ million by 2026. First discovered by two separate groups of researchers in the early ’80s, exosomes carry messenger molecules from cell to cell and are now understood to represent some of the most innovative technology applications for established clinical brands. The therapeutic value of exosomes lies in their ability to modulate the microenvironment of cells, regulate gene expression, and induce cell differentiation, which can positively impact skin health. In terms of cosmetics, exosomes have been used to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and hydration, enhance skin elasticity, and reduce inflammation and damage caused by UV radiation.

Our partnerships with University Incubators position us at the forefront of skincare science. This research begins with collaboration in the nation’s top academic labs and fuels new technologies and innovations that provide groundbreaking solutions to real-world challenges.

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