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At Goodier, we formulate success. We don’t just respond to R&D on demand; we operate a proven innovation engine that proactively invests in and develops breakthrough new platforms to seize future demand. We continually analyze market trends, technological advances, ingredient discoveries, and more to identify and quantify new opportunity spaces.

Stand-out Success

CosmoTrends recognized De-stress Refresh Gel showcases this leadership. It's a unique anti-aging formulation that addresses “skin stress” on an emotional, environmental, and physical level.

Stress happens… but don't let your face be the target! Protect yourself against the impacts of daily stress and have a fresh approach to skincare with the new De-Stress Refresh Gel Serum — the latest innovation from Goodier CDMO+! The De-Stress Refresh Gel is an anti-aging serum that addresses stressors commonly known to affect skin aging (environmental, emotional, physical), while utilizing unique ingredients at efficacious levels in a gel that is pleasing to the senses. 

The 100% Serum is an anti-aging serum that is eco-responsible without compromising performance. Composed of ingredients from sustainable sources from all over the world and in a recyclable package, this powerhouse Serum helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness, and luminosity. It also includes ingredients with antioxidant properties.

De-stress Refresh Gel

De-stress Refresh Gel

The 100% Serum

The 100% Serum

Data-Driven Innovation

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Goodier is committed to using data and analytics to drive superior new product development. Unlike typical CDMOs conducting minimal required testing, Goodier uses data-driven innovation across the spectrum from discovery to commercialization. Advanced lab technologies provide Goodier with specialized capabilities, such as characterizing formulations to match the exact way that they are going to be used and stored. This type of testing provides improved agility and cost efficacy by addressing key formulation questions earlier in the product development cycle, avoiding costly errors that others may only discover after the product has gone into commercial production. We support our clients’ commercialization efforts with mode-of-action data and animation videos as needed.

Our Process

Today’s skincare brands are best served with an innovation strategy that has two distinct pathways. Goodier’s proven dual-path model focuses on sustainably delivering both “core” and “adjacent” innovation.

  • Core Innovation optimizes products that are already in the market (e.g., formula enhancement, delivery system expansion)

  • Adjacent Innovation focuses on expanding from existing business into new products that drive incremental revenue for our clients (e.g. new formula, new delivery system, new audience)

Global Scouting Ecosystem

A Network of Ideas and Insight

Our standout Global Scouting Ecosystem is a disruptor when it comes to sourcing innovative ideas. Where many contract development and manufacturing organizations tend to rely on ingredient suppliers they work with, the Goodier Global Scouting Network farsightedly engages not only with ingredient suppliers, but also with groups such as the National Institutes of Health, longevity Institutes, leading research universities, university incubators, technology companies, and venture firms around the world. This network guarantees Goodier a robust feed of trends, insights, new technologies, new ingredients, and emerging science to fuel its internal R&D team’s analysis.

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